Sustained Investment in the Following Areas is Effective...

Improved & Adapted Seeds

Quality seed is the foundation of a farmer's success, enabling farmers to maximize returns on investments in fertilizer and other inputs.

Percent of Farmers with Access to Improved Seeds




Financial Services

Their access to credit for their production determines in large part if farmers are willing to invest in high value crops or use fertilizers and other inputs.


In Ghana, agriculture generates 23% of GDP, but only receives 6% of commercial bank credit. The costs to borrow funds run high for farmers.




Average Interest Rate for Agricultural Credit in Ghana


Source: World Bank; World Development Indicators & Agribusiness Indicators




Feed the Future Success Story: HARVEST Cambodia

Partnership between USAID and FINTRAC

Assists smallholder farmers, processors and other agricultural enterprises in Cambodia to secure bank and microfinance loans combined with better farming practices to manage risk and generate incomes.

Package includes:

  • Micro-credit
  • Business and technical training
  • Input dealer-to-farmer mentorship
  • Improved production practices




In many developing countries, 10% or less of smallholder farmers report meeting an extension agent in the last year.

Ratio of Extension Agents per Farmer

(calculated as the total population actively engaged in agriculture)




Role of Extension in Agriculture Development

Extension brings innovation and good farming practices to farmers by providing a practical means to test and to apply new technology. The U.S. is well positioned to assist countries to scale up extension, by lending expertise and assistance in:

  • Linking research to farming practice
  • Developing a diverse range of extension staff
  • Modeling effective means to scale up, such as e-extension
  • Investments in infrastructure


Feed the Future Mobile Extension Success Story



MojaCast in Ghana. Using mobile phones to link farmers to extension & markets. Allows input suppliers and buyers to connect with thousands of farmers providing basic extension and market information.






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